Safety makes for more fun

Our goal is to offer safe outdoor and adventure activities. When you book a day’s river rafting or canyoning or an afternoon at a high wire park, you should feel secure in the knowledge that safety and quality will be part of the experience. 

That’s why we offer a safety concept that allows outdoor activity providers to improve their safety and quality. You can recognise certified providers because they have been awarded the «Safety in Adventures» certification.

 We work in the interests of consumers as well as for the reputation of Swiss tourism.

Companies that have been awarded our label undergo an on-site inspection at least once a year. All aspects of safety are assessed, such as:

  • The training and personal aptitude of guides
  • Weather observation and planning of routes
  • Acquisition, storage and use of equipment
  • The information and preparatory briefing given to participants
  • Procedures in the event of accidents

All these topics make up the security concept, which is tailored to fit the company concerned. The Certification indicates that the company has implemented the security concept in all its outdoor and adventure activities. It is valid for a year and covers both the summer and winter seasons.

Safety targets

Unfortunately, accidents can never be completely ruled out, but their likelihood should be reduced wherever possible. In order to maximise safety, the foundation has defined safety targets. They put the safety of guests and staff before any commercial interests.

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